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Q&A with Wendi Liu, a New York Teen 2012 Contestant!

  • Name: Wendi Liu
  • Age:18
  • Grade Level: Freshman in College
  • Have you already attended the Prom?


  • What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory would have to be celebrating 4 years of friendship, love, and support. Although it was the end of high school, my crew and I still stay in contact. It was a night of fun and laughter, an unforgettable night!

  •  Did you attend an After-Prom? 

I did go to After-Prom at Crimson. I absolutely love the after party, it was a night of never-ending fun. More memories were created and that calls for the loads of camera time… snap snap snap!

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

I received multiple mails from Miss Teen USA & one day I just said “I’m going to try out for this, why not? It’s once in a lifetime opportunity” and I was right. I also wanted to built more confidence and discover who I am as a young lady.  

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?

I have so many favorite memories from the pageant but I would have to say is the bonding experience. The girls there were super nice and lay back. They are so supportive and willing to offer help anytime. I thought it was going to be awkward because I didn’t know anyone but the vibe in the atmosphere made me feel comfortable.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

Don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t” Keep chasing your dreams until you achieve it. I know sometimes we have bad days and it seems like were just running after something that’s completely out of our limits but that is the process of chasing your dreams. Keep your head high up in the game and always be motivated!

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

 During my high school years I didn’t wear that much make up simply because I didn’t know how to. However, after being exposed to the modeling industry and signing with Ikon Model Management I slowly learned from make up artists. I would definitely go with Nars Cosmetics, there more on the natural side but also have  bold and edgy effects. You can mix and match, play with the colors and you’ll be surprise at the results.

Q & A with Lauren Dinges, Miss Junior National Teen 2012!


  • Have you already attended the Prom?

Unfortunately, no! I’m only a freshman in high school but I can’t wait for my shining moment at prom!

  • What are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely picking out a dress! I love shopping, and gown shopping is even better! I love picking out a beautiful dress and the perfect accessories to go with it. And of course the hair and makeup! But I’m also looking forward to just having fun with my friends and dancing!

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

I actually heard about America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization through a friend and I decided to look into it. After looking into it, I found out that this pageant system focuses on what you have accomplished in school and in your community; and both of these interests are very important to me. I am a part of National Charity League and I’m also a total nerd! I have 2 Presidential Service Medals and all A’s, so this pageant system worked out perfectly for me! This was my first pageant ever and I love ANTSO and everything they believe in: true inner beauty.

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?

Probably picking out a dress! Like I said earlier, I love shopping! And pageant dresses are always STUNNING, just like prom dresses. My mom and I went to numerous gown shops just to find the perfect one. It took a while, but once we found it, I knew it was the one.

But spending time in Miami, Florida for nationals wasn’t bad either! The beaches were beautiful, and it was the perfect location for the pageant.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. I use this advice in my own life all the time. You have to stay strong and be true to yourself.  There were many things in my life that people said I couldn’t do, including winning this pageant, but I knew that I could do anything I put my heart and soul into. One of my favorite movies is Legally Blonde, and not just because I love Reese Witherspoon! Surprisingly, the movie has an amazing message if you look closely. Elle Woods never let anyone get in her way of following her dreams and even found her true self in the process. Never give up because nothing is better than the feeling you get when you accomplish something others thought you couldn’t.

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

For the face, my favorite products are from Clinique! Their foundations are lightweight and can match any skin tone flawlessly. They even have one that helps with acne! Their crem blushes are gorgeous as well and add flirty, natural-looking rosy cheeks that will last the whole night. For the eyes, I’m going to have to go with MAC Cosmetics! I’m obsessed with all of their eye shadow! With all of the beautiful color choices, you’re sure to find a color palette that compliments you and your dress. And of course, you can’t forget about those long lashes! A technique that leaves me with insanely long lashes is using a coat of Clinique’s lash building primerthen applying a couple coats of their high impact mascara. Top it all off with a coat or two of MAC’s pro long wear lip gloss and you’re ready to take your prom date’s breath away!

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Q & A with Courtney Baxter, National Miss Sweetheart 2012!

  •  Name: Courtney Baxter
  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Grade Level: Senior in High School
  • Have you already attended the Prom?

Yes, I have been to Jr. Prom three times and Sr. Prom once.  I went to senior prom when I was a junior, it was at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.  My senior prom is going to be at the Foundry in PA, which is an old steel mill turned into an event hall.

  • What is your favorite prom memory?

My favorite part of prom is the after prom, but I do have some pretty awesome memories of prom too.  Last year, another girl wore the same dress as me.  Even though we were not really good friends, when we saw each other, neither of us were upset.  Instead we chose to take pictures together and laugh it off.  I remember thinking to myself, this is awesome, it is so silly when girls get so upset over wearing the same dress!  Here is a tip to all of you fabulous prom girls: Don’t let having the same dress as someone ruin your night!

  • Did you attend an After-Prom?

I went to after-prom last year and it was the greatest thing ever!  The parents at our school spend the full week before prom decorating both of our school gyms, and the cafeteria.  When I walked in, I literally could not even recognize the place!  Everything from the entrance to the bathrooms stalls were completely decorated.  We had moon bounces, video game stations, poker tables, candy shops, fortune tellers, mini-golf, a volley ball tournament, photo booths, air-brush tattoos, and a hypnotist!  It was so much fun, and we could win all sorts of cool prizes including TVs, Ipads, cameras, college gear and gift certificates.  The hypnotist was definitely the best part though!

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

I kind of got into pageants as a fluke!  Last November my cousin convinced me to do Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011.  I made the top 15, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how many friends I made and how false the public perception of pageantry is.  Although I hadn’t planned on doing another pageant, ANTSO kind of fell into my lap.  I am the Community Service President at my school, so I am very involved in community outreach, public speaking and volunteer work.  When I learned about ANTSO and the fact that my score was made-up of community service, academic achievement, interview, on-stage question, personal expression and evening gown…I signed up right away!  When I was lucky enough to represent PA at nationals in Miami, I knew I had made the right decision.  Winning the national title was also a bonus!

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the pageant?

When I think back to nationals week, it is a blur of rehearsals, sequins and the Miami sun!  Of course my favorite memory was hearing my name be called as Miss National Sweetheart 2012, but I also loved the backstage time.  The dressing rooms were always  a crazy and friendly environment.  While we all competed for the same title, we still helped each other with hair and makeup, zipped up each others dresses, and reminded each other to pin on our sashes!  That is my favorite part about pageants, being competitive but still wanting to help other contestants do their best.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

My biggest advice would be to not be afraid to make sacrifices and not worry about what other people will think. When I followed my dream and became a professional actress at age 11, I had to sacrifice a lot of things to focus on my dream.  If I hadn’t given up going to school with my friends, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work on shows like gossip girl and be a backstage host at the Teen Choice Awards!  If I had worried about what other kids would think when I went on auditions and did not book the job, I would have never had the confidence and perseverance that I have today.  It can be hard to make big commitments and take the big leap toward your dream, but you are more likely to regret not taking that leap, than never taking a chance on your dream.

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

We all want to look extra special on Prom Night, and there a few key ingredients to having a long-lasting and polished look.  To add a little more drama to your eyes, wear a pair of fake eye lashes.  They should give you more volume and a little more length without being overwhelming.  I love Clinique’s Fireberry long last gloss for fun and flirty lips.  Don’t forget to wear blush, it seems to be less and less popular for high school girls these days, but no one wants to look washed out in their prom pictures!  Smashbox Blush Rush is a nice pink that adds a natural glow.  With all of the pictures and dancing, it is easy to break a sweat, so using translucent powder will help set your makeup and keep you from getting shiny.  I personally love Makeup Forever’s HD powder.  My last advice, don’t got crazy with the spray tans!  It is better to use a bit of bronzer to highlight your complexion than have an all around orange glow.

To learn more about Miss National Sweetheart 2012, check out Courtney Baxter’s Facebook Page, Twitter and IMDB site!

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Q & A with Chinyere Adogu, Contestant for Miss New York Teen 2012!

Name: Chinyere “Chi” Adogu      Age:   18 yrs
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY             Grade Level: Freshman in College

  • Have you already attended the Prom?

Yes I have

  • What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory of prom was me and my best friends celebrating four years of high  school on the dance floor.


  • Did you attend an After-Prom?

I didn’t attend an official After-Prom party. I did attend a party after my prom was over and the party was really not that great at all. I should have attended an After-Prom!

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

I have seen the issues teenagers face and wanted to use the pageant as a gateway to help spread awareness of these issues. Pageantry is a great way to get involved and help better the community.

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?

My favorite memory from the pageant was building friendships with the other contestants and pageant staff. I also loved doing the opening number dance for the show.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

I would tell them to go for it, be ambitious and do not let set backs get you down. You only live once, and its best to get hard work out of the way now,while you’re young, so you can really enjoy life later on.

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

I would recommend you have lotion, eye liner and lip gloss/ lip stick to do touch ups throughout the night. I think Make-Up Forever from Sephora has really great eye liners that last long and E.L.F Cosmetic has great lip gloss and lip sticks.

  • FUN FACTS About Chinyere:

1. I actually got a chance to do a prom photo shoot with Teen Vogue and the best part was that they let me keep the dress!

2. My prom dress and after party outfit was custom made, mixed with Nigerian fabric to show off my own sense of style mixed with my culture.

3. I actually got sick at prom and had to lay down outside with a teacher for about 30 minutes. That was the worst part about my prom.

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Q & A with Samantha Head, America’s Miss National Teenager 2012

First headshot after being crowned queen!

We recently had a chance to speak with the 2012 MissNational Teenager, Samantha Head.  Samantha is currently a freshman at the University of Florida and is studying environmental engineering. She hopes her degree will allow her to open a children’s environmental camp in the future. Just like most teenagers she enjoys meeting new people, tie-dying, photography and making people laugh. Read more about Samantha below and look for her in May representing America in the International Teen competition!  Read more below on Samantha or follow her blog or check out her facebook page!

  • Name: Samantha Head
  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: Gainesville, Florida (Home of the Gators!)
  • Grade Level: Freshman at the University of Florida
  • Have you already attended the Prom?

I attended prom both my junior and senior year of high school. Both years were a lot of fun but also very different. My junior year I just went with my boyfriend. We went out to dinner together and drove in his car to prom. We also left a little bit early, got ice cream, and watched a movie in our dressy clothes. It was great. The next year, we went to dinner at our friends house with 40 other of our closest friends. We had a blast that year because everything was for fun. Their parents made ALL of us a four course meal and even made little “Prom 2011″ bibs that we could use so that our clothes wouldn’t get messy. It’s also a cute little keepsake. We all went in separate cars but after prom, we crowded a Steak n’ Shake and stayed up until 3 am drinking milkshakes and just hanging out

Samantha and some friends before prom!

  • What is your favorite memory?

I think my favorite memory of Prom was being with 40 of my closest friends just having fun and being silly. None of us wanted to forget the night and if we had been drinking, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy each other the way we enjoy each other every other day. It’s also pretty great to think back to Steak n’ Shake and remember all of the jokes we had. It was a great way to end senior year.

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

Originally, I was looking for scholarship money for college. I had never done a pageant before, so I was a little hesitant at first to get into it. But after a while, it became less about the money and more about proving to myself that I could do it. When I found America’s National Teenager, I was absolutely ecstatic. Here is an organization that prides itself on rewarding girls like me who excel in academics, have a passion for community service, and who love being a leader. It was the perfect fit! I was appointed Miss Florida and went on to compete nationally this past summer in Miami against girls from all over the nation. I went in to the experience with an open mind and not very high expectations. All I knew is that I would be myself and soak up everything about the experience. Nationals week was absolutely incredible. I was able to meet intelligent, caring girls who had the same goals in life as me. I knew that if I didn’t win, I would still have grown so much from the experience and become an even better version of myself. When I won, I couldn’t believe it. I was literally bawling from utter shock because I had never done it before! It was the greatest feeling to know that people liked me for who I was. I never tried to be something else because at the end of the day, each of us girls had her strengths and weaknesses but we were all so accomplished already. In May, I will be competing internationally and I still can’t believe that I am representing America and this great organization that rewards the REAL girl for being herself.

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?

My favorite memory would have to be practicing our choreography for the opening numbers on the beach! We definitely drew a crowd and each of the queens had her crown and sash on. It was so much fun!

Samantha and some other National Teen Contestants at a beach rehearsal!

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

I think that if you have a dream or goal you want to achieve, you should never doubt your own ability. A little over a year ago, I was sitting at home thinking about entering this pageant. Had I kept doubting myself, I would’ve never entered, I would’ve never had the most amazing experience of my life, and I would’ve never won. I think it’s important to try new things because it’s the only way we can grow and develop who we want to be and where we want to go in life. Through my reign as America’s National Teenager, I have met so many different people and done so many different things, that the sky is the limit. You should never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because life is full of great surprises that are waiting to be discovered. As cheesy as that may sound, it’s so true.

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

For prom AND the pageant, my favorite products were from the Smashbox line of makeup. Sephora carries this line and you can also find it online. Their foundations and powders are lightweight but also give you great coverage. In photos, you almost glow because the makeup has a luminescent quality that brings out your best features. For eyes, you really can’t go wrong with Lashblast by Covergirl. I also like to line them with gel liner (also from Smashbox) and give a smokey eye effect with one of their eye shadow trios that are so simple to apply. Top it all off with some Covergirl lip shine and you’re red carpet ready.

Samantha's crowning moment!

If you’d like to know more about Miss National Teenager 2012 follow her blog or check out her facebook page!

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