Prom Night – Golden Globes Style

Just like all of you we were glued to the television soaking in every last piece of fashion before and during the Golden Globe Awards!   Award shows are great for generating inspiration for your look for the Prom and After-Prom.  One of our favorite Prom looks for 2012 is a short dress with an illusion of length with flowing fabric.  Charlize Theron did this look SO well that we’ve found an affordable option for you to duplicate her look on Prom Night 2012 from

The “long short dress” we personally like to call it, is the perfect option for transitioning from your Prom dinner into a hot After-Prom party.  It’s the perfect length to hit the dance floor!

Can’t you picture this look at Crimson nightclub dancing with your friends to a mix by DJ Rob Dinero?  Perhaps you’re wearing it as you get VIP entrance to the legendary El Morocco?  Of course we can’t forget everyone who will be rocking out on the After-Prom Cruise!  We think this is a fabulous look for any 2012 After-Prom!!!

Check out Charlize Theron’s version which is by Dior and the affordable Prom option thanks to can be found here.


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