Q & A with Chinyere Adogu, Contestant for Miss New York Teen 2012!

Name: Chinyere “Chi” Adogu      Age:   18 yrs
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY             Grade Level: Freshman in College

  • Have you already attended the Prom?

Yes I have

  • What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory of prom was me and my best friends celebrating four years of high  school on the dance floor.


  • Did you attend an After-Prom?

I didn’t attend an official After-Prom party. I did attend a party after my prom was over and the party was really not that great at all. I should have attended an After-Prom!

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?

I have seen the issues teenagers face and wanted to use the pageant as a gateway to help spread awareness of these issues. Pageantry is a great way to get involved and help better the community.

  • Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?

My favorite memory from the pageant was building friendships with the other contestants and pageant staff. I also loved doing the opening number dance for the show.

  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?

I would tell them to go for it, be ambitious and do not let set backs get you down. You only live once, and its best to get hard work out of the way now,while you’re young, so you can really enjoy life later on.

  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good recommendation for Prom Night?

I would recommend you have lotion, eye liner and lip gloss/ lip stick to do touch ups throughout the night. I think Make-Up Forever from Sephora has really great eye liners that last long and E.L.F Cosmetic has great lip gloss and lip sticks.

  • FUN FACTS About Chinyere:

1. I actually got a chance to do a prom photo shoot with Teen Vogue and the best part was that they let me keep the dress!

2. My prom dress and after party outfit was custom made, mixed with Nigerian fabric to show off my own sense of style mixed with my culture.

3. I actually got sick at prom and had to lay down outside with a teacher for about 30 minutes. That was the worst part about my prom.


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