Men Prom Fashion: Early Preparation

Since the most looked at part of you will be your face this night you may want to start a little early in the preparations for the big night. Some of these should be started a couple of weeks before the prom so you can find out what works best for you.  First decide if you are going clean shaven to your prom.  If so, it’s time to make sure your skin is at its best.  There are great kits to prep your face to be its close shaven best with kits from Lab Series and The Art of Shaving both for under $30 each. Don’t forget to take care of any blemishes that might decide to tag along with you on Prom Night.  Start an early regimen of face care so there won’t be any surprises. 

Take the time to treat your hair with just the right care.  One and Only Moisture Repair Shampoo will make your hair it’s touchable best.  Again, you should start it couple of weeks in advance so that your hair will be at its zenith on prom night.  Don’t forget to pick up a small brush or comb to keep your hair from being the unkempt secret of the prom.


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