Prom Make-Up: Luscious Lips!

After Prom is back with our best prom make-up suggestions! Here are some of our favorite products to keep your lips look fabulous all night!

To go along with Mark’s customizable eye shadow, Mark allows you to choose your matching gloss! Mark’s Glow Baby Luxe Lip Gloss comes in 4 different neutral shimmery colors, one is bound to match whatever eye palate you choose! The easy to apply brush keeps application simple on your prom night, while still giving you a perfect glow.

No one wants to have their gorgeous prom hair stuck inside their sticky lip gloss during prom night. Well we have a solution for you, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer! This moisturizing lip shimmer comes in 15 different colors and even has a subtle mint scent leaving you smelling great! The lip shimmer gives you a beautiful tinted lip without the complications of a sticky gloss.

Looking for ultra luscious lips on your prom night? Lancome Juicy Tubes are the HOTTEST lip gloss item out there! In six different shades, your lips will have a natural, burst of color while still giving a high gloss shine every time the camera flashes. In addition, this small, convenient tube will fit in any prom clutch!


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