Q & A with DJ Rob Dinero!

We recently had a chance to speak with our favorite local DJ’s, DJ Rob Dinero!  This Bronx native, had his first big gig in the early 2000s when he began producing music for MTV and has now produced tracks for some of the biggest artists today. Some of his clients include Sean Paul, Tamia, DJ Irie, O’Neal McKnight, Pitbull, Red Fox, DJ Honda, Lord Tariq, Capleton and many more! In the past, DJ Rob has DJed many  After Prom events, especially at Crimson, one of our HOTTEST after prom parties.  To hear some of DJ Rob’s music listen for his one hour sets on The Music Channel on Cable Network. Keep reading for more information on DJ Toro!

  • Did you attend the Prom? 

I didn’t attend my own school’s prom, but was invited, and went to a prom from a different school.

  • What are you working on these days?

Right now I’m performing in plenty of clubs in NYC & across the country.  I am also working on a few musical projects that will be released soon.  You can check my website www.djrobdinero.com to keep up to date with everything that’s going on with me… It changes everyday!

  • What is your favorite part about being a DJ?

Making people enjoy themselves and have a good time is my favorite part about being a DJ.  Also, me being able to be creative with the music that I play, in a certain way, that is different from other DJ’s.

  • What would your advice be for the Class of 2012?

Definitely to be focused on what it is you want to do.  Nowadays it’s so easy to be sidetracked with things that won’t help you in the long run, so as soon as you figure out what it is that you are into, get focused on that and try to be the best you can at it!

  • Tell us about some of your favorite hobbies, pastimes or charitable organizations you’re involved with?

Of course, I’m into creating & playing music, so that takes up most of my time, but I’m pretty much into all the normal things, like go see a movie, or go to a game… Luckily, being a DJ doesn’t always feel like work, so it’s like doing something that’s fun like a hobby, but the difference is that I get paid from it…

To find our more about DJ Rob Dinero check out his Website, Facebook Twitter and Youtube Channel!


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