Q & A with Miss New York Teen USA 2013, Nikki Orlando!

Miss New York Teen 2013

Miss New York Teen 2013
Photo taken by Tess J Photography

Name: Nikki Orlando, Miss New York Teen USA 2013
Age: 16
Hometown: Smithtown
Grade Level: 10th Grade

  • Have you already attended prom?
    • I have not attended prom yet, but I am looking forward to one!
  • What are you looking forward to the most?
    • Of course I’m looking forward to picking out my prom dress!
  • Have you or do you plan on attending an after prom?
    • If there’s a get together or a party after prom, I will definitely be attending!

    Nikki Orlando

    Nikki Orlando
    Photo taken by Tess J Photography

  • What made you try out for this Pageant?
    • When I was younger, I was involved in a lot of toddler pageants and competed successfully.  Now as a teen, I discovered the Miss Long Island Teen pageant. I competed for the crown in August 2012 and ended up taking home the crown that night. Having that title gave me a great chance to promote my platform called “Be You”, where I talk with teens about always being yourself and embracing who they are.  Being Miss New York Teen USA will give me more opportunities and can promote my platform over a larger geographical region.
  • Do you have a favorite memory from the Pageant?
    • My favorite memory from this pageant is the feeling when stepping out on that runway for the first time during the swimsuit and evening gown competition.  It is truly an indescribable feeling and such a bitter sweet moment that I will never forget.  The thoughts that went through my mind was, “this is my time to shine and show the judges and the audience what I got!”
  • What advice would you give girls your age on “following their dreams”?
    • My best advice to give to girls is to always be yourself and to embrace your uniqueness.  Always stay true to who you are and whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve anything!  I’m a big dreamer myself and I’ve already learned at a young age that if you work hard and truly want something, then you can do it, with hard work, determination and patience. Follow your dreams, work hard, be unique, be beautiful, and “Be You”!
  • What are some of your go-to beauty products that would be a good
    recommendation for Prom Night?

    • Even though I’ve never attended a prom yet, I can definitely share some of my go-to beauty products that I feel would be useful for any girl at prom night. First off, lip gloss! Throughout the night your lipstick will most likely wear off. Make sure you always carry an extra bottle in your purse for those quick touch ups. Secondly i’d have to say bobby pins! If something goes wrong with hair, you can always make a few adjustments to try and fix it up so you are always looking fabulous. Lastly, it would be definitely to have your favorite perfume fragrance. Throughout the night of dancing and having a good time, you always want to stay fresh with a sweet sent.  I recommend giving yourself a quick spritz!

    Miss New York USA 2013 and Joshua McKinley from Project Runway. Photo taken by Tess J Photography

    Miss New York USA 2013 and Joshua McKinley from Project Runway.
    Photo taken by Tess J Photography

To keep updated on what Miss New York Teen 2013 is doing now her out her Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

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