Makeup Monday By Jacqueline

jackie prom pic collage CLIQUE

Before all you beauties start freaking out about your makeup for prom, take a deep breath… Okay, now that you’re calm, get excited!! This is your night to shine- literally. So make sure your lip gloss is ready and your shimmer lotion is applied! But before the big night, let’s cover some beauty basics.

jackie face primerPrimers, primers, primers. I’ll say it one more time, use primers! Eye shadow primer and foundation primer will have your makeup lasting all night, through pre-prom, the actual prom, and of course after prom! You know you’re going to jump in as many pictures as you can, so use primer and you’ll be feeling fabulous all the way through after prom. Some great brands are Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox, or on the cheaper side E.L.F, L’oreal, and Rimmel London!

jackie lip glossNow, lips which are my personal obsession. For this amazing, never ending night, grab a lip stain. The color will stay on your lips through pre-prom snacks, prom dinner, and smooch or two with your date- at after prom but the color won’t fade or transfer! This way all you have to carry is your secret weapon lip gloss, whether it’s mint flavored, your favorite color, or known to bring some good luck. Whip on a quick coat before some pictures and you’re good to go E.L.F has won my heart for all things lips related, so whatever you choose to go with, they got it, and it’s super affordable! Try picking up a few different shades so you can choose which looks best with your newly bronzed skin and the perfect dress ❤

To keep updated on what our After Prom Clique member is Jackie is doing check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!


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