Brooklyn’s Next Big Thing: Danny Boy!

danny boy 1

Name: Danny Boy

Age: 18

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Grade Level: Graduated

  • Have you already attended the Prom?

Yeah, at a school in 2012. I had a blast. It was a real memorable experience.

  • What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory had to be seeing all my friends dressed up and enjoying themselves. We worked hard all year and when prom arrives you know graduation is right around the corner. Everybody looked amazing and we had an amazing time.

  • What are you working on these days with your music?

I’ve been all over the place lately. Working on my new project “ADOLESCENCE” as we speak, and I think this is my greatest work ever.  I’m putting a lot of work and emotion into it, really hope people love the experience I’m  trying to give them. Other than that, I’m developing the DANNY BOY brand. I want to be way more than just an artist, I want to impact the world with my story and my mindset. I want to encourage people, especially kids and teens, to be themselves and just enjoy living life, and to follow their dreams because they have to the power to be whatever it is they want to be.

danny boy 2

  • What is your favorite part about being a rapper?

The fans, definitely the fans. It’s an amazing feeling when somebody tells me “Your song changed my life” or “Your music got me through a tough time”. That’s the reason why I do music is to touch the people. I grew up just like most of the people who listen to my music. I’ve struggled my whole life, people told me that I was dumb for deciding to do music instead of being a lawyer or a doctor. I just use all the negativity as motivation and the fans really appreciate it. My fan base #TeamDANNYBOY Amazes everyone that they come into contact with and it’s a true blessing to have people all over the world that support you and your dream, that understand all that you’ve been through, and appreciate all the hard work you put in.

  • What would your advice be for the Class of 2013?

Don’t give up! You’re almost there. Have fun and be safe. Do your work and don’t let senioritis infect you (lol).

  • Tell us about some of your favorite hobbies, pastimes, or any organizations you’re involved with.

I do a lot. I’m heavy into art and fashion as well as music. I draw and design clothes, I have some collaborations with some clothing lines dropping throughout 2013 so be looking out for that. I read a lot so that I can learn everyday and try to better myself as a person and an artist every day. Other than that, I watch cartoons a lot (lol).

danny boy 3

After Prom <3’s Danny Boy! #TEAMDANNYBOY Make sure you visit his WEBSITE, follow him on TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM. You don’t want to miss anything hes doing!

danny boy 4


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