Makeup Monday with Audrie, Miss Teen New York ECUSA 2012!

audrie collage

audrie 1Make up as females know, has become a part of our everyday routine! As for mine, I have a three step process for my everyday school look. While doing pageants I was introduced to Express Runway Makeup palette, and ever since I’ve been hooked!! The palette comes with four sections: A base color: for the base of your eye lid, A purple contour Color (great for spring!)- for the outermost corner of your eye lid, and a highlight Color- to highlight the arch of your eye lid, up to your brow bone. It also comes with eye liner, and a lip gloss to match. It is small and compacted so its easy to take on the go!

audrie 2audrie 3Maybelline Color Whisper is a new product that came out recently and I love it! It has a variety of color selections. They have simple natural looking colors for an everyday school look, as well as bold colors for a night out, and prom! This product is a definite must have.

audrie 4audrie 5

Bare Minerals Foundation is one of the most effective foundations I have ever used. I use it faithfully every day. I’ve tried different kinds of foundations and this one is the only one that doesn’t cake up on my face. It gives the right amount of coverage and gives you a natural look at the same time. They also have a starter kit that comes with different piece kits and they are super affordable!

audrie 6To keep up with what Audrie is doing check out her Facebook and Twitter!


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