Makeup Monday with April, Miss Atlantic Coast USA 2013!

april collage


april collage 3Having clear skin is all about protecting the skin you’re in, not transforming it. Whether you have blemishes, discoloration, which by the way, you’re not the only one, they are there as a result of the way you eat, sleep, cleanse, and stress. Most skin problems are surprisingly in your control and can be fixed quite rapidly as long as you discipline yourself to live a healthy lifestyle.

            Stress is completely inevitable, but try steering clear of as much stress as you can for one week. Do that by managing your time, having a better sleep schedule, and taking a much needed break when needed. Whatever blemishes occur along your jawline, are actually a result to stress. If you find most of your breakouts and problems there, you know exactly where your problem lies.

            Any blemishes or bags that occur right underneath your eyes or along your cheekbone area are a result of unhealthy eating habits as well as a lack of sleep. Having a balanced diet, will not only help you look great, but you will also feel great. Try and keep a healthy consistent diet for about seven days and I can guarantee your skin be clearer, moisturized, and evenly toned. Try and stay away from caffeine as much as possible. I know coffee can be so addicting, but try replacing it with tea. It’s just as great and much healthier for you.

Try avoiding makeup! If you’re like me, and you can’t stand leaving the house without foundation, try replacing it with a BB Cream. They are cheaper, better for your skin, and still give you coverage. Every night before I go to sleep, I use an SPF 110 on my face and that helps my skin replenish itself quickly. Having a consistent routine for your face is so important to maintaining a clear face. My biggest trick to tightening pores back up to avoid breakouts is washing my face with lemon juice. It brightens, tightens, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Another great way to do that is by mixing an egg with honey and letting it sit on your face for 20 minutes like a facial, then washing it off.

Consistency is the most important thing to having clear skin. Your body will naturally react to change so it’s very important to stay consistent and healthy. Try this for just one week and you will notice the biggest difference in your skin and will gain more confidence.

april collage 2April give such great tips on not only skin care but all types of beauty. Make sure you look at her YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more!


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