So Clutch! By Jacqueline

jackie prom pic collage NO TITLE


You have a dress! You have your shoes! Wait! Don’t forget your clutch. Don’t worry, the only tough decision is which one you’ll get, but that’s what I’m here for! Whether you’re bright and fabulous or classically chic, I have 2 Nina Handbag options for you. For all of my more daring girls, or if you have a black prom dress and want a pop of color, the ‘Lalita-L” clutch in gold is the way to go. But if you just want a hint of sequins, or compliment your neon and patterned dress with a simple clutch, the “Moira-M” in black is all yours!

So now that we have a couple options, what do we put in them?? If you’re like me and over stuff your bag, here’s a tip: only bring essentials! jackie  blog 2Lash glue ladies, is a must! Trust me, don’t let a pair of fake eyelashes ruin your prom night. Of course your favorite lip combination including chapstick (my favorite accessory)!

jackie blog 3

Your phone (parents always want updates and pictures)! Some money- for emergencies. Finally, a mini perfume samples to freshen up! Some of my go to products are Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive– it’s so easy to apply for any beginners, Devoted Creations; Pauly D coconut chapstick, Revlon ColorStay Ultimate liquid lipstick in Platinum Petal, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in clear, and Coach Poppy sample;it’s perfectly light and fresh!

jackie blog 1


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