About Us

AfterProm.com hosts the hottest After-Prom events in New York City.  Whether guests are looking for a nightclub with a celebrity DJ or a cruise with dancing and spectacular views, we have the ticket!

AfterProm is going to be great with the After-Prom Cruise, Crimson and El Morocco!   Be sure to check in on all the Prom Buzz, Prom Fashion, Prom Planning tips, Prom Parties, Prom tuxedos, Prom Photographers, Prom Flowers and Prom Limos.  We have it ALL here right on the AfterProm.com blog.  Our team has great ideas and suggestions on how to make Prom 2013 a night to remember.

Need more Prom inspiration?  Don’t miss our Prom Fashion Show!  We even run a modeling contest for local teens to rock the runway with this year’s hottest Prom Fashions.

We understand there are many Prom parties to chose from but we’ll help you narrow it down!  We have a 20+ year history of safe and fun After Prom events which makes us pretty Prom knowledgeable.  Need a Prom Limo?  We know the best companies.  Need a Prom Tuxedo for your date?  We know the stores with discounts!

Our events are packed with celebrity DJs!  Past events we’ve had DJ Hollywood, DJ Enuff, DJ Camilo, DJ Rob Dinero, DJ Self, DJ Friday and many more.  Our DJs have rocked out for years at our legendary After Prom parties at:  Copacabana, El Morocco, Crimson, Duvet, Columbus 72 and of course, the After Prom cruises!

If you are in The Class of 2013 and The Class of 2014 and getting ready for Prom Night and the After Prom parties – don’t forget to log onto www.afterprom.com or check out this blog for up to the minute updates on what is hot for Prom 2013.


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