Create Your Own Prom Clutch!

Are you looking for a hot and unique clutch for prom but don’t want to break your budget? Well Erica Domesk at Seventeen Magazine online teaches you how to make the perfect prom handbag! Making your own prom clutch will save your plenty on money and you’ll be able to attend a hot after prom party like ours at Madame Tussauds! Check it out here!


Prom Make-Up: Luscious Lips!

After Prom is back with our best prom make-up suggestions! Here are some of our favorite products to keep your lips look fabulous all night!

To go along with Mark’s customizable eye shadow, Mark allows you to choose your matching gloss! Mark’s Glow Baby Luxe Lip Gloss comes in 4 different neutral shimmery colors, one is bound to match whatever eye palate you choose! The easy to apply brush keeps application simple on your prom night, while still giving you a perfect glow.

No one wants to have their gorgeous prom hair stuck inside their sticky lip gloss during prom night. Well we have a solution for you, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer! This moisturizing lip shimmer comes in 15 different colors and even has a subtle mint scent leaving you smelling great! The lip shimmer gives you a beautiful tinted lip without the complications of a sticky gloss.

Looking for ultra luscious lips on your prom night? Lancome Juicy Tubes are the HOTTEST lip gloss item out there! In six different shades, your lips will have a natural, burst of color while still giving a high gloss shine every time the camera flashes. In addition, this small, convenient tube will fit in any prom clutch!

Prom Dresses under $100!

With dresses, shoes, accessories, hair, make up and every other prom expense, this big day could end up being very expensive! After Prom is here to give you some help on keeping your Prom 2012 cost down. We have found some GREAT prom dresses all under $100! One of our favorite websites Prom Girl has a large selection of affordable prom dresses! Take a look at their site and check out some of our favorites below!

This long, elegant blue dress is only $89!

This fun, black and white zebra print dress is only $48!

This hot pink, head turning dress is only $99

Prom Hair Tips!

Worried all the flat irons and curling irons used on your prom hair will damage it? Click HERE for some tips on how to keep your hair healthy for prom!

Seventeen Magazine: Help the Environment on a Budget!!

After Prom loves finding ways to improve the environment, while keeping to a budget! We found some ways on Seventeen Magazine’s website to help you budget your lifestyle while going green! The money you save can be used toward your prom fashion or after prom party! Check it out here!

New York City Hot Spot, Madame Tussaunds Wax Museum!

One of the most visited spots in New York City is the unique, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. This museum contains life-size wax figures of more than two hundred celebrities and guests can pose with them for pictures! In addition to just taking a tour of the museum Madame Tussaud’s offers a space where you can have your own party! Who wouldn’t want to have a celebrity filled party?? After Prom loves Madame Tussaud and its celebrity wax figures so much that we are throwing the hottest After Prom Party at the wax museum!! This is one event you will NOT want to miss! Come party with the celebrities after your prom 2012! Click here for some  more information!

NYC Prom Fashion Show Giveaways!

As you all know, After Prom’s 12th Annual Prom Fashion Show is April 25th and we are giving away some goodies you DO NOT want to miss! To give you a sneak peak, below we posted some of the books This Is Teen will be giving away at the show! This Is Teen publishes awesome books that are about teens just like you and always have great contests going on! Learn more about This is Teen on their Facebook page and Twitter!