Fashion Fab Friday by Jordan

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Jordan is back for Fashion Fab Friday! Set the trend and jump into these cute and fun rompers for your after prom party.





Fab Fashion Friday by Franchesca


Want to flaunt great legs or your toned stomach that you slaved in the gym over; but worried about being too revealing? In one of this year’s hottest prom ensemble trends, you can have the best of both worlds! Sheer gowns and cocktail dresses are the perfect combination of sexiness and mystique.  Sheer prom ensembles have made their way into the collections of today’s most in demand designers. Sherri Hill’s designs have graced the runways of New York Fashion Week displaying variations of the sheer trend in sleeves, necklines and achieved a “faded” look; starting with full coverage and embellishments on the bodice and sheer gown bottom!

sheer_1_converted (1)sheer_3_converted

Jovani is another designer that has practically made sheer gowns a staple of their 2013 prom collections. Facebook fans of the brand continuously witness beautiful gowns that incorporate this element in the daily photographs on Jovani’s page.


Just a quick tip, keep in mind that sheer dresses are meant to accentuate what you feel are your best assets.  If you decide to incorporate this translucent style into your prom night be sure to keep it classy.  It is important to remember sheer fabric is strategically placed to tastefully display areas such as the stomach, legs, and back but are still meant cover what’s necessary. As long as you rock this trend in good taste and step into your prom night with confidence, there is no doubt that your night will be Sheer Perfection.

So Clutch! By Jacqueline

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You have a dress! You have your shoes! Wait! Don’t forget your clutch. Don’t worry, the only tough decision is which one you’ll get, but that’s what I’m here for! Whether you’re bright and fabulous or classically chic, I have 2 Nina Handbag options for you. For all of my more daring girls, or if you have a black prom dress and want a pop of color, the ‘Lalita-L” clutch in gold is the way to go. But if you just want a hint of sequins, or compliment your neon and patterned dress with a simple clutch, the “Moira-M” in black is all yours!

So now that we have a couple options, what do we put in them?? If you’re like me and over stuff your bag, here’s a tip: only bring essentials! jackie  blog 2Lash glue ladies, is a must! Trust me, don’t let a pair of fake eyelashes ruin your prom night. Of course your favorite lip combination including chapstick (my favorite accessory)!

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Your phone (parents always want updates and pictures)! Some money- for emergencies. Finally, a mini perfume samples to freshen up! Some of my go to products are Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive– it’s so easy to apply for any beginners, Devoted Creations; Pauly D coconut chapstick, Revlon ColorStay Ultimate liquid lipstick in Platinum Petal, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in clear, and Coach Poppy sample;it’s perfectly light and fresh!

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Makeup Monday by Alanna!

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Clutch Essentials for Prom Night!

It’s prom night and you don’t want to carry around a bunch of unnecessary things! Grab a clutch that matches your dress and fill it with the following items:

alanna 1

-blotting sheets, you don’t want to look oily in pictures

-a makeup setting spray/mist, it’ll refresh your makeup

-lipgloss, pick a color that compliments your makeup/dress and you’ll be able to reapply throughout the night

alanna 2

-chapstick, just in case your lips get dry

-matte powder and travel brush, once again to get rid of shine and make your makeup last longer

-small perfume, so you smell nice all night long

-phone, an obvious one but you’ll be able to snap pictures with friends and instagram them all of course

alanna 3

Feel free to add a few other things or leave out blotting sheets if you have dry skin, etc. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration on what to bring with you to your prom and help prevent any mishaps throughout the dance.

To keep up with all of Alanna’s fabulous prom tips check out her Youtube Channel, Tumblr, and Twitter!

Fab Fashion Friday: Prom Dresses

One of our favorite Youtube celebrities, Cassandra Bankson, has taken over our Fab Fashion Friday with her video all about prom dress trends! She gives such amazing tips, you must watch it!

Summer Fitness By Emily, Miss Riverside!


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It’s that time of the year again ladies, Yep…time to get those bodies in shape for the summer!!! With prom right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to get in the best shape for prom AND the summer. Say hello to some workout tips that will give you an idea of where to start your work out. I promise if you follow these tips you will not be let down, I am living proof!

Throughout the course of the winter I spent my days working out and eating right. I was preparing to compete for Miss New York USA and I became obsessed with fitness and being healthy. I ate clean,and exhausted my body by working out 5 days a week. (And ended up placing in Top 10!) Essentially what I did was a dramatic lifestyle change. Don’t get me wrong…it was tough, exhausting,draining and all of the above. But I was able to develop this lovely thing called Will Power! Being able to say NO to a slice of pizza when all of your friends are ordering in was definitely not my favorite thing to do, but I did it because I knew I wanted to look and feel my best.

With so many different ways to loose weight and feel good, I found it really helpful to create my own routine. If your like me you need to try different things until you figure out what works for you. I am constantly trying new things in search of the best workout. Going to the gym is great, but I get bored….quick…..SO, I usually need to take somebody with me so we can create some kind of competition at who does what best. (I’m a naturally competitive person..woops:)) Aside from getting my cardio workout at the gym, I try my best to do any of the following workouts.

Emily -Insanity-WorkoutInsanity: If you’ve seen the infomercial and heard things about his workout the name speaks for it’s self. INSANE, but effective and FAST. If you are ready to turn your life around and need a real push, this if for you.


Zumba: Is an amazing cardio exercise and a lot of fun! If you like to dance and enjoy good music gather a group of friends and join the dance party. It’ll be the most exciting work out you’ve ever done.


Kick-Boxing: If you want to see results fast and need a more structured style of working out, Kick-boxing is right for you. Not only have classes been proven to make you loose weight, they serve as an amazing stress reliever. Besides, who doesn’t need to punch something every now and then? LOL


Yoga: An amazing way to relax and create lean flexible muscles. Simply amazing. If you can tolerate heat, try Bikram Yoga. Thank me later 😉

I am also a big fan of Youtube, there are over 500 channels of workouts you can do at home. Great for anyone who was a crazy schedule but still wants to squeeze a workout in.

Stay tuned for my blog posts next week on Green Juice’s, hand picked workouts, keeping the weight off and working out in style .

Happy Sweating Dears!!


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After Prom Clique Member, Audrie Visits St. Catherine’s Academy!

Our amazing After Prom Clique member, Audrie, visited her former high school to talk about everything prom! Prom can be a very expensive event and Audrie was there to give them great tips on how to keep everything in tack. Audrie was crowned Miss New York East Coast 2012 and since then has been involved in a bunch of fabulous endeavors.   After Prom sent her with some goodies for the students as well as some FREE after prom tickets! We are so proud of all our clique member has done and her inspiring visit to St. Catherine’s Academy. Check out some pictures below!

audrie school 2

Audrie and the After Prom winner!

audrie school 1

The gorgeous Audrie!

audrie school 3

After Prom gifts for the lovely ladies at St. Catherine’s Academy!