After Prom Nightclubs!

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Are you looking for a great way to end your prom night? We have two great options that will blow your mind! Crimson and El Morocco are two of the hottest after prom clubs in NYC for 2013! You’ll be able to get VIP admission into the clubs and party all night long with a Live DJ! These are great event for only $40! Click HERE to find out if we offer one of these events on your prom night. You don’t want to miss out on this so buy your tickets NOW!



Makeup Monday by Alanna!

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Clutch Essentials for Prom Night!

It’s prom night and you don’t want to carry around a bunch of unnecessary things! Grab a clutch that matches your dress and fill it with the following items:

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-blotting sheets, you don’t want to look oily in pictures

-a makeup setting spray/mist, it’ll refresh your makeup

-lipgloss, pick a color that compliments your makeup/dress and you’ll be able to reapply throughout the night

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-chapstick, just in case your lips get dry

-matte powder and travel brush, once again to get rid of shine and make your makeup last longer

-small perfume, so you smell nice all night long

-phone, an obvious one but you’ll be able to snap pictures with friends and instagram them all of course

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Feel free to add a few other things or leave out blotting sheets if you have dry skin, etc. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration on what to bring with you to your prom and help prevent any mishaps throughout the dance.

To keep up with all of Alanna’s fabulous prom tips check out her Youtube Channel, Tumblr, and Twitter!

Crimson Nightclub!


Are you looking for one of the hottest after prom clubs in NYC 2013? We have the perfect solution for you, Crimson Nightclub! Come party with us from 1-4 AM as we dance the night away. For only $45, you can get VIP admission into this amazing club and enjoy a live DJ all night long. Click HERE to find out when this amazing event is offered. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Get you tickets NOW before they sell out!

El Morocco Nightclub!

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If you need plans after prom from 1-4 AM, you should come party with us at El Morocco. This is one of the hottest after prom clubs in NYC for 2013! You can enjoy the benefits of VIP admission and a live DJ all night long for only $45. Click HERE to find out when we offer this amazing event. This will be a great way to end your prom night in style! You don’t want to miss out on this, buy your tickets NOW before it’s too late!

After Prom at Crimson

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Want to party in New York City after your prom? Well we want to invite you to come party with at Crimson nightclub! This Midtown club is the perfect spot to party all night long. From 1AM-4AM there will be a live DJ spinning R&B, Top 40 Dance, Hip Hop, and Salsa hits.

Crimson Girls

This upscale club has two rooms which means you will have twice as much room to dance all night. For only $45, you’ll be able to experience all of this plus VIP admission! If you want to check if we offer Crimson the night of your prom, click HERE. Tickets to Crimson do sell quickly so if you want to beat the rush, buy your tickets NOW!

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After Prom at El Morocco

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If you’re looking for a place to continue parting after prom, El Morocco is the place for you! Located in the heart of Upper Manhattan you will find El Morocco. For only $45 you can get VIP admission into one of New York’s hottest clubs with some of the best guest DJs.

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From 1AM – 4AM the DJ will keep you moving if  you’re in the main dance floor or in the “Leopard Lounge“! Trust us this is an event you cannot miss! If you want to the dates El Morocco will be opening it’s doors to, click HERE. Remember these tickets will sell fast so beat the rush and buy your tickets NOW!

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The Ultimate After Prom Experience

after prom cruise

Nightclub + Sunrise Cruise

How would you like to stay out all night after your prom? We’re pretty sure the answer to that question is YES therefore we give you the Ultimate After Prom Experience! You can select the club of your choice (Crimson or El Morocco) and end your night with our Sunrise Cruise. You get admission to these two amazing events for only $65!

Crimson: Great midtown club that opens it’s doors exclusively to!

El Morocco: Great upscale club that has two rooms which include a “Leopard Lounge”!

Sunrise Cruise: Great way to end your night by dancing while watching the sunrise!

Click HERE to view the dates we offer the Nightclub/Sunrise Cruise Package. If you want to be the first to get your tickets, buy them NOW!