Fab Fashion Friday by Franchesca


Want to flaunt great legs or your toned stomach that you slaved in the gym over; but worried about being too revealing? In one of this year’s hottest prom ensemble trends, you can have the best of both worlds! Sheer gowns and cocktail dresses are the perfect combination of sexiness and mystique.  Sheer prom ensembles have made their way into the collections of today’s most in demand designers. Sherri Hill’s designs have graced the runways of New York Fashion Week displaying variations of the sheer trend in sleeves, necklines and achieved a “faded” look; starting with full coverage and embellishments on the bodice and sheer gown bottom!

sheer_1_converted (1)sheer_3_converted

Jovani is another designer that has practically made sheer gowns a staple of their 2013 prom collections. Facebook fans of the brand continuously witness beautiful gowns that incorporate this element in the daily photographs on Jovani’s page.


Just a quick tip, keep in mind that sheer dresses are meant to accentuate what you feel are your best assets.  If you decide to incorporate this translucent style into your prom night be sure to keep it classy.  It is important to remember sheer fabric is strategically placed to tastefully display areas such as the stomach, legs, and back but are still meant cover what’s necessary. As long as you rock this trend in good taste and step into your prom night with confidence, there is no doubt that your night will be Sheer Perfection.


Makeup Monday with April, Miss Atlantic Coast USA 2013!

april collage


april collage 3Having clear skin is all about protecting the skin you’re in, not transforming it. Whether you have blemishes, discoloration, which by the way, you’re not the only one, they are there as a result of the way you eat, sleep, cleanse, and stress. Most skin problems are surprisingly in your control and can be fixed quite rapidly as long as you discipline yourself to live a healthy lifestyle.

            Stress is completely inevitable, but try steering clear of as much stress as you can for one week. Do that by managing your time, having a better sleep schedule, and taking a much needed break when needed. Whatever blemishes occur along your jawline, are actually a result to stress. If you find most of your breakouts and problems there, you know exactly where your problem lies.

            Any blemishes or bags that occur right underneath your eyes or along your cheekbone area are a result of unhealthy eating habits as well as a lack of sleep. Having a balanced diet, will not only help you look great, but you will also feel great. Try and keep a healthy consistent diet for about seven days and I can guarantee your skin be clearer, moisturized, and evenly toned. Try and stay away from caffeine as much as possible. I know coffee can be so addicting, but try replacing it with tea. It’s just as great and much healthier for you.

Try avoiding makeup! If you’re like me, and you can’t stand leaving the house without foundation, try replacing it with a BB Cream. They are cheaper, better for your skin, and still give you coverage. Every night before I go to sleep, I use an SPF 110 on my face and that helps my skin replenish itself quickly. Having a consistent routine for your face is so important to maintaining a clear face. My biggest trick to tightening pores back up to avoid breakouts is washing my face with lemon juice. It brightens, tightens, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Another great way to do that is by mixing an egg with honey and letting it sit on your face for 20 minutes like a facial, then washing it off.

Consistency is the most important thing to having clear skin. Your body will naturally react to change so it’s very important to stay consistent and healthy. Try this for just one week and you will notice the biggest difference in your skin and will gain more confidence.

april collage 2April give such great tips on not only skin care but all types of beauty. Make sure you look at her YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more!

Makeup Monday: Spotlight on Beauty Guru, Cassandra Bankson!

cassandra bankson 2

  • Have You Already Attended Prom?

Actually- I never attended my prom!! I had a difficult time in school due to my skin, so before Prom I switched schools to study one-on-one, and graduated early. Although I didnt go, I LOVE dressing up, and going to “Prom-Like” events (being a model allows me the awesome opportunity to go to many of these!) and I think that’s why I enjoy posting prom videos & tutorials so much!

  • What Are You Working on These Days?

Currently we have some exciting projects underway. I’m always working on creating and posting my next video to be helpful, fun and informative, and as a Model I’m preparing for Fashion Week later this year!

  • What is your favorite part about being a Youtube Beauty Guru?

My favorite part about being a guru is that I feel like I dont work! If I worked at a coffee shop, or behind a desk, I would still spend my free time creating Youtube Videos, Modeling & Creating. These are things I would strive to do regardless of time or compensation- I feel so overwhelmingly blessed that I am able to peruse these passions full-time. Because I am so passionate about what I do, I feel like I don’t work- and I feel like my “fans” and “co-workers” are really just my best friends! The people I get the honor to work with and communicate with are friends to me- we always have a great time together, support each other, and follow our dreams. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing people, and the relationships I have with them, along with being able to do what I love, are certainly the best parts about what I do

cassandra bankson 2

  • What do you see as the best beauty trends for this spring?

There are many exciting trends this spring, but some of my personal favorites are the smokey eye/nude lip/straight hair look! It’s very “New York Chic” to me- and I feel it looks downtown-edgy and effortlessly classy! Also, having a smokey look with a natural lip brings out the color of your eyes so well! Pulling back your hair also shows off your facial structure. I also love the natural nail trends- glossy or matte I think they make hands look so elegant!

  • What would your advice be for the Class of 2013?

My personal advice is to be yourself, and learn who YOU are! With social cliques, school and family pressure, the media, and even “whats in” it can be hard to know who you are, and what you really believe in, vs what society tells you you should be. Have a “out of the box” hobby such as a fun collection, or an unusual talent? Share it with others! Know what YOU like vs what is in, and what your passions and hobbies are. As fun as it is to fit in and be “on trend” be sure you know what you like and don’t, what you think is right and wrong, and really take time to understand and get to know and love yourself 🙂

  • Tell us about some of your favorite hobbies, pastimes, or any organizations you’re involved with.

As far as organizations go, I’m passionate about many different causes and try to do my best from donating my old clothes, to helping build homes for kids in need overseas. I’m proud to be an Ambassador for BullyBust, an organization that was formed by the NSCC to put an end to bulling in schools- and across other age ranges. Bullying happens to kids and teens, but it is also a problem for adults. It can take many forms from physical and emotional teasing on campus, to gossip, and discrimination in the workplace. I also love Fashion For A Cause- A charity by Truman Medical Center that aims to better the community and the rest of the world by creating and supporting fashion, while raising almost $1,000,000 for quality & compassionate women’s healthcare.

As far as hobbies go I have way too many! Hiking, anything to do with cats, learning-(anything, I love to learn!), (attempting To) dance ballet, I love helping others through church/charity- (I’m trying hard to gain direction on creating my own), modeling (yes, its technically work but I find it to be so creative and I meet the most amazing people! I’m blessed to say its something I would do even if I wasn’t paid!) Travel & learning about new places, fashion and personal style, flowers, different cultures, and to be brutally honest, I love creating YouTube videos! (nerd here).

cassandra bankson 3

To keep up with what Cassandra is doing check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course her Youtube!

Makeup Monday with Audrie, Miss Teen New York ECUSA 2012!

audrie collage

audrie 1Make up as females know, has become a part of our everyday routine! As for mine, I have a three step process for my everyday school look. While doing pageants I was introduced to Express Runway Makeup palette, and ever since I’ve been hooked!! The palette comes with four sections: A base color: for the base of your eye lid, A purple contour Color (great for spring!)- for the outermost corner of your eye lid, and a highlight Color- to highlight the arch of your eye lid, up to your brow bone. It also comes with eye liner, and a lip gloss to match. It is small and compacted so its easy to take on the go!

audrie 2audrie 3Maybelline Color Whisper is a new product that came out recently and I love it! It has a variety of color selections. They have simple natural looking colors for an everyday school look, as well as bold colors for a night out, and prom! This product is a definite must have.

audrie 4audrie 5

Bare Minerals Foundation is one of the most effective foundations I have ever used. I use it faithfully every day. I’ve tried different kinds of foundations and this one is the only one that doesn’t cake up on my face. It gives the right amount of coverage and gives you a natural look at the same time. They also have a starter kit that comes with different piece kits and they are super affordable!

audrie 6To keep up with what Audrie is doing check out her Facebook and Twitter!

Makeup Monday: Long-lasting Products

Do you want to make sure your makeup lasts all night on the After Prom Cruise? Of course you do, because nothing is more horrible than not being picture ready on prom night!

Luckily we’ve found some amazing products at Sephora that will guarantee your makeup looks flawless throughout the whole night, even when you’re on the cruise!







Makeup Monday By Jacqueline

jackie prom pic collage CLIQUE

Before all you beauties start freaking out about your makeup for prom, take a deep breath… Okay, now that you’re calm, get excited!! This is your night to shine- literally. So make sure your lip gloss is ready and your shimmer lotion is applied! But before the big night, let’s cover some beauty basics.

jackie face primerPrimers, primers, primers. I’ll say it one more time, use primers! Eye shadow primer and foundation primer will have your makeup lasting all night, through pre-prom, the actual prom, and of course after prom! You know you’re going to jump in as many pictures as you can, so use primer and you’ll be feeling fabulous all the way through after prom. Some great brands are Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox, or on the cheaper side E.L.F, L’oreal, and Rimmel London!

jackie lip glossNow, lips which are my personal obsession. For this amazing, never ending night, grab a lip stain. The color will stay on your lips through pre-prom snacks, prom dinner, and smooch or two with your date- at after prom but the color won’t fade or transfer! This way all you have to carry is your secret weapon lip gloss, whether it’s mint flavored, your favorite color, or known to bring some good luck. Whip on a quick coat before some pictures and you’re good to go E.L.F has won my heart for all things lips related, so whatever you choose to go with, they got it, and it’s super affordable! Try picking up a few different shades so you can choose which looks best with your newly bronzed skin and the perfect dress ❤

To keep updated on what our After Prom Clique member is Jackie is doing check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

Beauty Vlogger: Alanna Kali

Hey After Prom Followers! We want to introduce you to one of our favorite beauty vloggers Miss Alanna Kali. She hosts her own YouTube channel where she talks about all the latest trends and even has cool giveaways! If you’re looking for beauty tips or just want to hear about some new products you MUST check her out. Below is her most recent video where she talks about our friends Prom Girl and  After Prom Fashion Show!

In addition to her Youtube Channel make sure you take a peek at her on twitter and tumblr!