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Top 5 Trends for After Prom Looks By Prom Mafia

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Prom is right around the corner and there is truly no better time to start reviewing the trends of the season of this year. Of course, trends certainly don’t need to be followed, and you should absolutely dress to impress your own personal fashion desires but knowing what is haute to trot this year for prom can help you when decided what you’re going to wear after prom. Yes, after prom. What comes after your fabulous night of dancing with your friends? Well, a fabulous after party, of course! So for the ladies on the search for their next indulgence to ensure that they look hot from prom, right through to the next morning, this post is for you. Dresses are such a blast to shop for, as long as you know what it is that you’re looking and wanting from your gown. Here are the top 5 trends for after prom looks that look their best when all combined.

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Go Short

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It’s time to get rid of the gown. Or in other words, it’s time for you ladies to drop the formality and get ready to be the wild females that you are. Prom gowns are perfect, but when it comes down to the real after prom party, they simply aren’t practical. So when the formality of the night ends, make sure to ensure that your length recedes as well. Of course, we’re not talking about getting way too short in a dress because after all, it is still prom, but you most certainly do want to opt for a shorter gown, as opposed to the longer one that you wore to prom.

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Keep The Glam

Prom Mafia 5

Remember ladies, it’s still prom. Do not forget to glam it up. Shiny jewelry, dazzled lip glosses and a crystallized tiara.

Lace Is Always Haute

Prom Mafia 6

A stunning way to take a casual dress out of your wardrobe to use it for after prom is the ever-so-chic lace appeal. If you have a dress in your closet that has lace, dress it up with the perfect accessories and you have yourself the ultimate after prom outfit.


Prom Mafia 7

You want to sparkle like a diamond in the sky because although you’re no longer at the gala, you certainly still want to have a ball. Anything with a little bit of glimmer, sparkle and shine is totally perfect for any after prom look.

Prom Mafia 8

Keep It Tall

This is no time for flats, ladies. Indulge in  a stunning pair of high heels for the after prom party. Of course, you can opt out of those Cinderella-foot-killing pair, but definitely remember to keep it tall. Your legs will look fabulously elongated with that shortened style of dress.

The trends of prom carry well into the night of after prom. Keep your look together; hair, makeup, shoes, outfit. Of course, you can always switch it up for something a little more practical, but do not jeopardize your style and the formality of the night simply because you’re no longer at the prom venue, but rather at a prom after party.

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