Fab Fashion Friday: Pretty in Pink!

pink3Pink was every girls favorite color at one point in time. Well prom season is the perfect time to fall in love with pink all over again. We really like the “pink selection” from Nordstrom and Lulu’s. You’re bound to be the Molly Ringwald of the after prom nyc event. Check out our favorite “Pretty in Pink” dresses!






Fab Fashion Friday: Nordstrom Hair Accessories for Prom

Everybody loves Nordstrom’s prom dress collection but did you know they have great hair accessories too? They have everything you could imagine from headbands  to hair clips and everything in between. We’ve picked out a couple of accessories that will transform your prom hairstyle into a great after prom style made for the dance floor!

Glitz Vintage – this jaw clip is perfect for thick hair; it’s strong and can hold a lot of hair

jaw clip

Feather – this hair clip is great for spicing up a side bun

hair clip

Crystal Braided Barrette – this barrette is long and great for pulling back think hair


Swirly Pearly – these hair pins are great for pinning growing-out bangs

hair pin set

Atelier – this ponytail holder will make any ponytail look flirty and fun

ponytail holder

After Prom Looks by Nordstrom

Nordstrom dresses!! Afterprom.com can’t get enough of these amazing dresses! No matter if you’re on our after prom cruise or at our after prom nightclub, there is a dress at Nordstrom for you! Check out some of our favorite after prom looks!

Gold Sequin

Black Lace

Bright Colors

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Nordstrom Prom Dresses

If you want to keep your prom dress simple, but still want to turn heads as you walk through the door, then Nordstrom is the place for you! Nordstrom dresses have unique details that makes a simple style amazing! Afterprom.com has picked some dresses that will blow your mind but if you want to see other dresses, click here.

Short Prom Dresses under $100!

Check out these great dresses for Prom 2012! Short dresses are great to take you from prom to your After Prom at El Morocco or the Party Boat!

1. This one from CustomBridalGowns.com is only $96!

2. Nordstrom has great options, this one’s only $64!

3. Another great dress from Nordstrom for only $98!


Prom Dresses Under $100!

If you want to look great on a budget Afterprom.com has some great options for you! All of these dress will be sure to make you stand out on prom night and fall under $100 dollars!

1. Unique-vintage offers this dramatic look for just $96!

2. Nordstrom has this fun dress for $98!

3. Another great choice from Nordstrom for $98!